Square Card Reader

the envelope that the square card reader comes in
Mysterious Envelope

The other day, I received my Square Card Reader in the mail.

Square is a cell phone peripheral that allows you to receive credit card payments and have them deposited directly into your bank account through a cell phone app.

the box for the square card reader

They’re currently giving the peripherals away for free, which is nice.

the square card reader's blurb

It doesn’t accept Interac cards. This is bad for Canadians, because a lot of people use Interac debit cards here.

the square card reader
The Square Card Reader Cell Phone Dongle Dealie

The Square dongle came with stickers. I’m not sure what I’m supposed to stick them to.

the app the runs the square card reader
Square Card Reader App

You just swipe the card through the Square and input the payment amount. There are options within the app for taxes, tipping and signatures.

I’m not sure I have a use for this thing. I don’t, generally, have a need to accept credit card payment when I’m out and about. Anyhoo, it was free, so what do I care?

I would suggest, if you get one of these things, not to keep the dongle in your cell phone. A thief having a credit card reader that’s connected to you is a very bad thing.