Kobo Glo HD Unboxing

And now, because I am bored and I’m waiting for my new gadget to charge, I present to you the unboxing of a Kobo GLo HD e-reader!

a photo of the box a kobo hd glo is shipped in

This is the box that my new Kobo came in. Isn’t that interesting? Isn’t this life-affirming? Aren’t we having fun?

I don’t know why it came with that strange extra-dimensional blur. That must be one of those features that the hipsters these days are crazy for, though.

a photo of a lithium ion battery warning label

Whatever, bro, I’ll eat as many lithium ion batteries as I want. You’re not my real father. You don’t get to tell me what to do.

a photo of random pieces of foam and cardboard padding a box
Random Crud

They just kind of shoved a few random pieces of foam and cardboard as padding in the box, but it wasn’t near enough, because everything still bounced about inside there like crazy. Plus, the padding was only on one side, leaving the other completely unprotected. So I guess it was lucky that for once FedEx didn’t mangle my package.

a photo of a kobo glo hd box inside its shipping box

Don’t you just love the graphics on this box? Such blue. Much stylish.

a photo of the back of a kobo glo hd box
Yeah, I’m not going to bother to rotate this.

I’m sure there was some important info on this box, but I didn’t bother reading it.

a photo of a kobo glo hd inside its box
The man of the hour.

Hey, look, it’s the Kobo Glo HD itself! YAY! It took me three hours to get to this point. Stupid over-packaging. *Harumph*

Kobo Quickstart Guide
More things to read? Why would I ever want to read anything?

They stick the quickstart guide behind the e-reader, but I’ve already started it at that point! You fools!

a photo of a kobo app guide
Even more stuff to read? Bleh.

This told me to download the Kobo app to my phone. I dinnae do it.

a photo of a kobo usb charge cable
Cable was the worst X-Man.

The charge cable didn’t come with a wall adapter. I hate that. How much does a wall adapter cost? Why does everybody make me buy them separately?

Well, that’s everything that came in the box. I’ve wasted a lot of time here and my Kobo still isn’t charged. Why must my obsessive compulsive disorder not allow me to use any new device until it’s fully charged? WHY!?